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About our Women's Empowerment Program

  • What is Queen's Night?
    Queen's Night is an extraordinary program created by Elijah's Heart, dedicated to honoring the remarkable women residing within the low-income Sudekum and Napier Housing Developments in Nashville, TN. This heartwarming initiative seeks to shower these beautiful souls with the goodness of Papa God's love and encouragement.
  • Our Vision For Queen's Night Pamper Event
    Our vision is to provide a truly unforgettable night for 30 chosen single mothers. We want to empower them, regardless of their past or current circumstances, and help them realize their true worth, honor, and the immense love that surrounds them. On this special evening, which will take place on Friday, June 29th, we will pamper our 30 beautiful Queens with YOUR SUPPORT. They will enjoy luxurious facials, mini makeovers, stunning hair styling, flawless manicures, and a dinner fit for royalty! Through this event, we aim to remind them that God holds them as a crown in His hand, and they are deserving of the very best. It will be an extraordinary night they will cherish forever.
  • Join Us and Make a Difference
    We invite you to be a part of this life-changing event by offering your invaluable services. If you are an esthetician, beautician, makeup artist (MUA), nail technician, or if you can provide catering services, clothing, shoes, wigs, or any other form of assistance, we would be truly grateful for your contribution. Together, we can demonstrate the love of a Good Father and show these incredible women that they are cherished and supported.
  • An Ongoing Journey of Empowerment
    Queen's Night is not just a single event; it is an ongoing program designed to empower our Queens on a spiritual, mental, emotional, and educational level. We believe in providing them with opportunities to grow, learn, and flourish in various areas of their lives. Each month, we organize a range of activities, outings, and trainings that are carefully crafted to expand their minds, nurture their spirits, and foster personal development.
  • Creating Opportunities for Growth
    Through a series of engaging activities and outings, our Queens have the chance to explore new horizons and discover the vast potential within themselves. These activities may include workshops on personal development, self-esteem building, financial literacy, and career guidance. We provide them with tools and resources to develop new skills, pursue their passions, and overcome any obstacles they may face.
  • Nurturing Their Spirits
    We understand the importance of spiritual well-being, and we believe that a strong connection with faith can bring immense healing and empowerment. Our program includes regular fellowship gatherings, mentorship sessions, and counseling opportunities where our Queens can find solace, guidance, and a supportive community. We encourage them to see themselves through the eyes of God—as beautiful Queens, fully capable of embracing everything that Papa God has to offer.
  • Monthly Program Budget
    To sustain this impactful program, we envision a monthly budget of $2,500. This allocation will cover the costs associated with organizing various activities, outings, trainings, educational resources, mentorship sessions, and other essential components of the program. With your support and generosity, we can continue to provide our Queens with the tools, opportunities, and experiences they need to thrive and embrace their true potential. By participating in Queen's Night and supporting our monthly program, you become an integral part of a transformative journey that extends far beyond a single event. Together, we can make a lasting difference in the lives of these remarkable women and empower them to rise as confident, capable, and empowered Queens.
  • Investing in Their Education
    Education is a powerful catalyst for change and progress. We are dedicated to supporting our Queens in their educational journeys by providing scholarships, tutoring services, and access to educational resources. We believe that knowledge empowers them to break free from limitations, pursue their dreams, and create a brighter future for themselves and their families.
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