At our last summer Walk of Love, we were successful to give away over 1,000 boxes of refrigerated foods (meat and dairy) as well as non-perishables. All this was done while following Covid-19 social distancing guidelines and by wearing masks. 

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As of the second week of March, we were focused on aiding as many tornado victims as possible. We continued to aid Tornado victims and began to also aid families effected by the Covid-19 crisis.  Unfortunately, our Weekly Indoor Fresh Food Giveaway was indefinitely suspended in March due to MDHA Covid-19 guidelines of avoiding close proximity inside MDHA buildings. Additionally, the summer camp groups were closed that made up our volunteer force for our summer lunch program. This along with low lunch supply and high concern for Covid-19 spread among the children caused the summer lunch program to be shutdown before it began. Therefore, this summer we have been focusing on direct to home emergency hunger relief for impoverished children and parents who are experiencing even higher need due to the ongoing concerns of the COVID-19 Virus. 


We are doing our part in slowing the spread of this virus by limiting the size of our volunteer teams. We all wear masks and work diligently to keep 6 feet distance between individuals, according to the federal and state suggested COVID-19 guidelines.


We have always welcomed and encouraged parents to bring their children on Walk of Love giveaways, but during this period of limited number of volunteers per team and increased safety precautions, we ask that volunteers be 15 years of age or above so we can be more efficient in our delivery process.


Your help is needed! Once you sign-up to volunteer, you will essentially be placed on call. We will contact you five days or more before a day we pack food or do a giveaway to see if you and your group will be available to volunteer. 

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Under normal circumstances once the Coronavirus pandemic is over,

Our Walk of Love program serves impoverished children and families in three key ways:


1) Weekly Indoor Fresh Food Giveaway : Each Saturday we receive fresh food from area organic grocers such as Whole Foods, Panera Bread and Fresh Market. Volunteers unload food from the truck into our center. The food is organized on tables. Then residents and homeless people shop for food free of charge. Volunteers arrive at our community center at 10:00 am at Napier Place Apartments, 648 Claiborne St., Nashville, TN. We are located in the back of the management office building. 


2) Pack & Deliver: This Walk of Love plan is most active in the Fall and Winter months down to Spring Break. The Spring months are normally focused more on planning for our large summer lunch program. Our Pack & Deliver Walk of Love plan invites volunteers to join in a fun experience of packing 400 to 800 bags of food, personal hygiene items and other necessities. We also receive boxes of necessities already packed. Volunteers deliver the bags or boxes to every home in the community. Volunteers can choose to only pack bags, only deliver bags or both pack and deliver.


3) Summer Lunch Program: In the 801 family Napier-Sudekum community, our summer lunch program has fed anywhere from 700 to 1,000 lunches per day (Tuesday-Thursday) in 2017, 2018 and 2019. Our volunteer force in 2019 was approximately 400 volunteers from 12 states, mostly through the Fuge Camp Program of Lifeway. Our food sponsor has been Feed The Children each year, along with support from One Gen Away and Graceworks. 



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