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Denise Bradford
co-founder of Elijah's  heart

Denise Bradford, devoted wife of “Papa'' Joe Bradford, mother of eight and grandmother of 9 beautiful grandchildren, is co-founder of Elijah’s Heart. She has diligently ministered to the inner city communities of Nashville for over 20 years. Before becoming a full-time minister, she and her husband led worship and composed music for various churches and music artists in Tennessee.


Born from compassion, the programs of Elijah’s Heart were initiated when Denise gave a piece of candy to a single child who “randomly” knocked on her door in her inner-city community. The Holy Spirit breathed on that act and multiplied the children who paid a visit to the Bradford home, sparking an idea in Denise to build a children’s choir of over 80 low - income  inner city children.  To the glory of the Lord, the choir later evolved into the Elijah's Heart's Fine Arts program, "Unity Production". Unity Production travels around the United States spreading the Gospel of Jesus through stage plays, songs and dance.


Although Denise co-established other programs in Elijah’s Heart, her deep passion is "The Fire Igniting Revival Evangelism Program" a.k.a. “FIRE Team”. The FIRE TEAM is a program that equips adults and children with a well-rounded nourishment of the Gospel of Jesus Christ while training them to be the powerful hands and feet of Jesus Christ and participating with Him in healing the sick and setting the captives free! Participants in this program have entered heavenly realms and face to face encounters with Jesus Christ that have transformed the lives of everyone who has  heard their testimonies!!! They are walking balls of FIRE!


As an ordained minister, speaker, teacher, and author, Denise has a passion to motivate and inspire men, women, and children to draw closer to the wonderful Holy Spirit in order to fulfill the purpose that God has destined for them. She studies the Bible avidly and brings a clear biblical approach to discipleship and maturity in the body of Christ. Her teachings along with her writings that she lovingly calls "Denise Shares"  have deeply impacted adults and children alike with the truth of God’s love for His children and His desire for growth and spiritual grounding in scripture.  As she ministers in the power of the Holy Spirit, Denise brings the truth through signs, wonders, and miracles. Her ultimate desire is to take people into realms of heavenly realities by imparting revelation that transforms the average believer into an ON-FIRE, radical lover of Jesus Christ, His entire Kingdom, and those who He has chosen to be part of His eternal family. Her ultimate goal in life is to die daily and allow the Holy Spirit to live through her.

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