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Unity productions

UNITY PRODUCTIONS is the Elijah’s Heart musical arts program of choir, drama and dance. This dynamic group consists of youth full of joy, enthusiasm and ability. While praising God through the arts, they are eager to perform for you and provide you with an opportunity to help Elijah’s Heart raise funds to continue their mission of ending hunger, poor literacy and corruption in Nashville and abroad.

Papa Joe and Denise Bradford have worked with children in performing arts for 31 years.  Now they have incorporated the leadership and great talent of their son, Chazn Bradford, their daughter Caylin and her husband Tanner Lenox (gifted in music, recording engineering and sound), and Dr. Jennifer Coleman.

The talented children in Unity represent thousands of others in Nashville and throughout the nation who are in desperate need of help and love. Each rehearsal, Unity members not only learn music, drama and dance, but also discipline, unity, and most importantly, love.

The Purposes of UNITy

  1. To give children the opportunity to learn Christian music, drama and dance from experienced professionals.

  2. To bring attention to the plight of thousands of poor and oppressed children in our own cities.

  3. To raise funds for poverty-stricken children and families served by Elijah’s Heart programs.

Meet The Team


Papa Joe & Denise Bradford

As producers, directors, writers and
musicians, Papa Joe & Denise have worked
with youth in performing arts for 31 years
in venues from churches to TN Performing
Arts. Papa Joe was also co-producer of
“Unconditional” (


The Anomalies

Tanner Lenox, Caylin Lenox and her
brother, Chazn Bradford are the
Anomalies, an exceptional group of artists,
recording engineers, musicians, writers
and producers on staff to train UNITY.


Dr. Jennifer Coleman

Dr. Coleman brings remarkable training to
UNITY. She’s a renown voice trainer
and former coordinator of Belmont’s Master of
Music degree. She’s known for outstanding
performances locally and internationally.

Invite UNITY

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